Our Story


The Xbox One Kenya Facebook page was founded out of a need for an online multiplayer community for the Xbox One console in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. Over the last two years, we have created a vibrant or “live” community with over 200 members (gamers); that number is only increasing. The aim of the current Facebook page is to encourage gamers in Kenya to step up and help us grow our LIVE community, as well as to promote Xbox One exclusive games and titles. Founded in 2014, Xbox One Kenya is a destination for gamers in East Africa to discover like-minded individuals and to share their passion for gaming and the vision for a booming online multiplayer experience. In 2016, Holos Gaming Matrix was incorporated to unify the gaming community. Today, Xbox One Kenya now referred to as Holos Gaming Matrix Ltd is the number one source for an Xbox community outreach in Kenya. We hope to expand our products and community across East Africa.


To develop a gaming community, with it’s own store that aims to make gaming products available to all of our gamers, while maintaining a social platform that connects, promotes, and envisions the community’s passion for massive multiplayer online and co-op games.


Inclusivity and Unity
Whether you’re a non-gamer or a gamer that prefers first-person shooters,
third-person adventures, sports, or fighting-games, you’re welcome to our community.
We are united in our love for video games and our passion for gaming.

Respect and Teamwork
We understand and respect different talents and skills; we acknowledge that the whole
is greater than the sum of its parts.

Support Structure
We recognize that the gaming industry in Kenya is still young,
this is why we provide a social platform that aims to support our members,
which will in turn help grow the community.

Open Mindedness and a Sense of Adventure
We urge our gamers to step out of their comfort zone and explore worlds never seen before.



To place East Africa as an official gaming region.


The people responsible for Holos Gaming Matrix

CEO & Founder

David King’ori

gR0 XxM4rt14NxX or David is your all-round gamer playing from first person shooters, racing games, and occasionally he ventures into indie games. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to video games.



Technical Lead/Developer

James Kagwei

Adogwithrabis or James is a gamer who loves the concept of robots and the scifi world. Anything that can fire a missile or cause an explosion captures his attention. Its always high noon in his world.